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A study of the inhibition of catalase by dipotassium trioxohydroxytetrafluorotriborate K2[B3O3F4OH]
It appears that in the absence of inhibitor, catalase operates the best at conditions around pH 7.1 and in the presence of K2[B3O3F4OH] the optimum is around pH 6.2.
Detection of the ultimate content of uranium of depleted ammunition in different materials
The goal of this work was to determine the ultimate detectable content of uranium arising from depleted uranium ammunition in different natural materials, namely, soil, gravel, wood by
Application of neutron activation in hydrometallurgical process of lead chloride extraction from boulangerit
In this work, a neutron activation analysis for the identification of radiochemical elements in the ore concentrate of zone Vares, Bosnia and Hercegovina, has been applied. The possibility of