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The initial data on the effect of ruthenium red on mature human type-1 VDAC are presented. Highly enriched human type-1 porin in planar lipid bilayers shows lowered voltage-dependence whenever a commercially available ruthenium red preparation is applied. The hexavalent polycationic dye ruthenium red affects different functions in varying cell compartments.(More)
— With increasing the applications of grid system, the risk in security field is enhancing too. Recently Trust management system has been recognized as a noticeable approach in enhancing of security in grid systems. In this article due to improve the grid security a new trust management system with two levels is proposed. The benefits of this platform are(More)
We report on the first data concerning the effects of ionic zinc or barium on human type-1 porin. The channel enriched as mature protein from B-lymphocyte crude membranes was integrated into artificial planar lipid bilayers and both agonists were applied as their chloride salts at 100 microM. Relative conductance was measured from -80 to 80 mV. The presence(More)
Cloud computing trust management has become an important subject in recent years. Trust management is a difficult and complicated work in cloud computing due to features such as distributed, dynamic and non-transparent environment. Since most trust management frameworks predict trust values based on received feedbacks, the validation and authenticity of(More)
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