Safieddin Safavi-Naeini

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—The purpose of this paper is to present a robust and fast beamforming algorithm for the low-cost mobile phased array antennas. The proposed beamforming algorithm uses a sequentially perturbation gradient estimation method to update the control voltages of the phase shifters, with the objective of maximizing the received power by the array. This algorithm(More)
—In this paper, a novel hybrid tracking method for mobile active phased-array antenna systems is developed. The proposed technique consists of a mechanical stabilization loop and a direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm, which is based on electronic beamforming. Compared with other tracking methods, the proposed method requires only one low-cost(More)
  • Pedram Mousavi, Mohammad Fakharzadeh, S Hamidreza Jamali, Kiarash Narimani, Mircea Hossu, Hamid Bolandhemmat +2 others
  • 2008
—In this paper, a stair-planar phased array antenna system for mobile broadcast satellite reception in Ku-band will be introduced. The height of the antenna is only 6 cm and the system has two-dimensional electronic scanning capability. The design procedures of low profile high gain microstrip sub-array antennas, low noise amplifiers, hybrid analog phase(More)