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Argumentation theory is a new research area that concerns mainly with reaching a mutually acceptable conclusion using logical reasoning. Argumentation can be defined as a proof of dynamic nature and is considered as an ill-defined domain that typically lacks clear distinctions between “right” and “wrong” answers. Instead, there are often competing(More)
Cloud Communication Environment is an internet-based computing, where shared resources, software, and information are provided with computers and devices on-demand. They guarantee a way to share distributed resources and services that belong to different organizations. In order to develop cloud computing applications, security and trust to share data(More)
Recently, Quantum cryptography researchers utilize the quantum keys, in order to provide a more trusted environment for both key distribution and management processes. The quantum keys are generated based on quantum mechanics phenomena. However, all events for the quantum key generation rely on exchanging photons between parties over limited distances. So,(More)
With the extraordinary maturity of data exchange in network environments and increasing the attackers capabilities, information security has become the most important process for data storage and communication. In order to provide such information security the confidentiality, data integrity, and data origin authentication must be verified based on(More)
This paper presents a development of the advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm, which is considered as the most important symmetric encryption algorithm. The development focuses on the generation of dynamic quantum S-Boxes (DQS-Boxes) based quantum cipher key, instead of the ordinary used static S-Boxes. Moreover, the paper introduces the integration(More)
Cloud computing technology is very useful in present day to day life, it uses the internet and the central remote servers to provide and maintain data as well as applications. Such applications in turn can be used by the end users via the cloud communications without any installation. Moreover, the end users’ data files can be accessed and manipulated from(More)