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With widespread increasing applications of mechanized tunneling in almost all ground conditions, prediction of tunnel boring machine (TBM) performance is required for time planning, cost control and choice of excavation method in order to make tunneling economical. Penetration rate is a principal measure of full-face TBM performance and is used to evaluate(More)
Uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) of rock is crucial for any type of projects constructed in/on rock mass. The test that is conducted to measure the UCS of rock is expensive, time consuming and having sample restriction. For this reason, the UCS of rock may be estimated using simple rock tests such as point load index (I s(50)), Schmidt hammer (R n) and(More)
Brittleness of rock is one of the most critical features for design of underground excavation project. Therefore, proper assessing of rock brittleness can be very useful for designers and evaluators of geotechnical applications. In this study, feasibility of genetic programming (GP) model and non-linear multiple regression (NLMR) in predicting brittleness(More)
Intact rock properties together with rock mass characteristics should be well investigated for selection of proper tunnel boring machine (TBM) for tunneling in various ground conditions. This is due to the significant impact of rock mass characteristics on machine performance. TBMs are site specific and designed for optimal performance in given ground(More)
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