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This study investigated total sleep time in the Bangladeshi population and identified the proportion of the population at greater risk of developing chronic diseases due to inadequate sleep. Using a cross-sectional survey, total sleep time was captured and analysed in 3968 respondents aged between 6 and 106 years in 24 (of 64) districts in Bangladesh. Total(More)
Mobile money has grown rapidly in the past few years. It has contributed to greater financial inclusion for the poor and unbanked, bringing millions of people into a formal financial system. Despite the increased use of mobile money, little research has focused on non-profits’ preparedness to mobile money adoption. This article explores staff perceptions(More)
Arsenic contamination in drinking water has a detrimental impact on human health which profoundly impairs the quality of life. Despite recognition of the adverse health implications of arsenic toxicity, there have been few studies to date to suggest measures that could be taken to overcome arsenic contamination. After the statement in 2000 WHO Bulletin that(More)
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