Safak Saraydemir

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Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. It has different facial symptoms. These symptoms contain distinctive information for face recognition. In this study, a novel method is developed to distinguish Down Syndrome in a custom face database. Gabor Wavelet Transform (GWT) is used as a(More)
Today, one of the most frequently encountered dysmorphic diseases, Down syndrome, includes different findings belonging to the face. Early diagnosis of Down syndrome is vital for individual's further life. The databases, which were benefited by making comparisons on pre-diagnosis of Down syndrome, are not objective as doctor's experiences come into(More)
In this study, a command recognition method which works responsively to human body motion is developed by using a skeletal tracking system based on Microsoft Kinect sensor in MATLAB environment. Nowadays, image processing techniques that are used by benefiting from Kinect sensor are developing rapidly. The skeletal tracking system algorithm used in this(More)
In this study, a new method is proposed to increase the performance for near infrared region(NIR) face recognition problem. this method is named as Hierarchical Grouping (HG). Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Local Binary Pattern (LBP) methods which are widely used in literature, are used for feature extraction and for classification k Nearest(More)
In the absence of lighting, due to the difference in the modality, it is very difficult to match the visible face database with the face images obtained in the thermal wavelength. Applying photometric preprocessing to reduce the modality difference, increases the face recognition performance from thermal to visible. In this study, different photometric(More)
Infrared (IR) sensors are intensively used in the thermal image processing applications. IR sensors have dominant effects on the performance enhancement of a thermal imaging system. If performance characteristics of IR sensors are known prior to the costly and time-consuming production phase, high performance IR sensors could be obtained rapidly and cost(More)
In this paper, an evaluation using various training data sets for discrimination of dysmorphic facial features with distinctive information will be presented. We utilize Gabor Wavelet Transform (GWT) as feature extractor, K-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) as statistical classifiers. We analyzed the classification accuracy according(More)
In this work, we present a high gain, broad bandwidth patch antenna which operates at 2.89-5.31 GHz using planar patterned metamaterial concept and its power reception performance. Ground plane is scraped with crossed strip-line gaps while the patch comprises separated micro triangular periodic gaps. The patterned metal patch and ground plane form a coupled(More)
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