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INTRODUCTION The production of biological information has become much greater than its consumption. The key issue now is how to organise and manage the huge amount of novel information to facilitate access to this useful and important biological information. One core problem in classifying biological information is the annotation of new protein sequences(More)
The invention of DNA microarray technology has modernized the approach of biology research in such a way that scientists can now measure the expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously in a single experiment. Although this technology has shifted a new era in molecular classification, interpreting microarray data still remain a challenging issue(More)
Uncertain and incomplete requirements throughout the whole software life cycle contribute to volatility of the requirements. In a situation where the volatile requirement is changed to satisfy stakeholder needs, all the affected requirements and other impacted software artefacts (such as designs, codes, and tests) must be identified and changed accordingly.(More)
In most countries in the world, flood had caused damages to properties and it involved a large amount of loss to individuals and governments. During the flood, it is important to have efficient flood response operation system to manage all activities among different related agencies. In Malaysia, flood response operations are divided according to the(More)
Software analysis pattern is an approach of software reuse which provides a way to reuse expertise that can be used across domains at early level of development. Developing software for a mobile robot system involves multi-disciplines expert knowledge which includes embedded systems, real-time software issues, control theories and artificial intelligence(More)
Understanding the mechanisms of gene regulation during breast cancer is one of the most difficult problems among oncologists because this regulation is likely comprised of complex genetic interactions. Given this complexity, a computational study using the Bayesian network technique has been employed to construct a gene regulatory network from microarray(More)
A genetic similarity algorithm is introduced in this study to find a group of semantically similar Gene Ontology terms. The genetic similarity algorithm combines semantic similarity measure algorithm with parallel genetic algorithm. The semantic similarity measure algorithm is used to compute the similitude strength between the Gene Ontology terms. Then,(More)
Protein sequences classification is an important problem in molecular biology, and it has long been a goal for scientists and researchers. This paper describes an approach to data-driven discovery of sequence motif-based models using neural network classifier based on Dempster-Shafer Theory for assigning protein sequences to functional families. A training(More)