Safaai Deris

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A genetic similarity algorithm is introduced in this study to find a group of semantically similar Gene Ontology terms. The genetic similarity algorithm combines semantic similarity measure algorithm with parallel genetic algorithm. The semantic similarity measure algorithm is used to compute the similitude strength between the Gene Ontology terms. Then,(More)
INTRODUCTION The production of biological information has become much greater than its consumption. The key issue now is how to organise and manage the huge amount of novel information to facilitate access to this useful and important biological information. One core problem in classifying biological information is the annotation of new protein sequences(More)
Global optimization methods play an important role to solve many real-world problems. However, the implementation of single methods is excessively preventive for high dimensionality and nonlinear problems, especially in term of the accuracy of finding best solutions and convergence speed performance. In recent years, hybrid optimization methods have shown(More)
In most countries in the world, flood had caused damages to properties and it involved a large amount of loss to individuals and governments. During the flood, it is important to have efficient flood response operation system to manage all activities among different related agencies. In Malaysia, flood response operations are divided according to the(More)
Missing values has been a common problem in gene expression studies and have a significance effect on the interpretation of the final data. Many bioinformatics analysis tools especially for cancer classification and prediction require complete sets of data matrix. Therefore, development of missing value imputation algorithms is required to solve this(More)
Many biological research areas such as drug design require gene regulatory networks to provide clear insight and understanding of the cellular process in living cells. This is because interactions among the genes and their products play an important role in many molecular processes. A gene regulatory network can act as a blueprint for the researchers to(More)
Gene expression data are expected to be of significant help in the development of efficient cancer diagnoses and classification platforms. In order to select a small subset of informative genes from the data for cancer classification, recently, many researchers are analyzing gene expression data using various computational intelligence methods. However, due(More)
Few years back, Jaakkola and Haussler published a method of combining generative and discriminative approaches for detecting protein homologies. The method was a variant of support vector machines using a new kernel function called Fisher Kernel. They begin by training a generative hidden Markov model for a protein family. Then, using the model, they derive(More)
College timetabling is a combinatoric and dynamic problem. In order to solve this problem, the approach must be e$cient, #exible, portable, and adaptable. This paper describes a solution procedure based on a constraint-based reasoning technique implemented in an object-oriented approach. The problem is formulated as a constraint satisfaction model and it is(More)