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Software analysis pattern is an approach of software reuse which provides a way to reuse expertise that can be used across domains at early level of development. Developing software for a mobile robot system involves multi-disciplines expert knowledge which includes embedded systems, real-time software issues, control theories and artificial intelligence(More)
A genetic similarity algorithm is introduced in this study to find a group of semantically similar Gene Ontology terms. The genetic similarity algorithm combines semantic similarity measure algorithm with parallel genetic algorithm. The semantic similarity measure algorithm is used to compute the similitude strength between the Gene Ontology terms. Then,(More)
Few years back, Jaakkola and Haussler published a method of combining generative and discriminative approaches for detecting protein homologies. The method was a variant of support vector machines using a new kernel function called Fisher Kernel. They begin by training a generative hidden Markov model for a protein family. Then, using the model, they derive(More)
University Course Timetabling (UCT) is a complex problem and cannot be dealt with using only a few general principles. The complicated relationships between time periods, subjects and classrooms make it difficult to obtain feasible solution. Thus, finding feasible solution for UCT is a continually challenging problem. This paper presents a hybrid particle(More)
Understanding the mechanisms of gene regulation during breast cancer is one of the most difficult problems among oncologists because this regulation is likely comprised of complex genetic interactions. Given this complexity, a computational study using the Bayesian network technique has been employed to construct a gene regulatory network from microarray(More)