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Regulations regarding automotive diesel engine emissions become more severe every year, and it is difficult to meet the requirements with only combustion improvement techniques. More effective post-processing technology is desired especially for particulate matter (PM), such as carbon soots. Although the use of a ceramic diesel particulate filter (DPF) is(More)
In order to enhance photocatalytic water splitting rates with Pt/TiO2 powder, sufficient agitation of the biphasic medium is required to switch surficial reactions to volumetric reactions. Additionally, agitation is conducive to higher diffusion rates of the generated hydrogen and co-produced oxygen, hindering their ability to re-couple to water on Pt(More)
The effect of (Pt-loaded)TiO2 crystallite diameter (i.e. Scherrer size) on the photocatalytic water splitting rate was investigated. (Pt-loaded)TiO2 powders with a wide range of crystallite diameters from about 16 to 45 nm with a blank region between about 23 and 41 nm were prepared by various annealing processes from an identical TiO2 powder. Water(More)
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