Saeideh Mazloomzadeh

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The prevalence of cervical human papillomavirus increases with increasing numbers of sexual partners, leaving the impression that this infection is acquired only as a result of high risk sexual behaviour. Using longitudinal data from 242 women who had only had one sexual partner, we found that the risk of acquiring cervical human papillomavirus infection(More)
Cross-sectional studies have suggested that compared with women who delay the start of their sexual career, those who first have intercourse soon after menarche are more susceptible to cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and thus have a greater risk of cervical neoplasia. We describe, using longitudinal observations, how the risk of infection with(More)
AIM To compare the frequency of the metabolic syndrome and its components in a sample of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and controls. METHODS This case control study was performed on 188 women over 18 years old: 92 RA patients and 96 healthy controls, from 2006 to 2008. Blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference were measured. Blood(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship of selenium plasma level and preeclampsia, as an antioxidant, against reduction damage of free radicals. METHODS A case control study was carried out on 40 preeclamptic, and 40 healthy pregnant women in 34-39(th) week of gestation who were matched on the age of pregnancy and mineral supplements intake, in Iran. The(More)
BACKGROUND Various risk of mortality due to hip fracture has been reported by different studies. There is scarce controlled study on hip fracture mortality from developing countries and no data from Middle East region. The objective of this study is to determine mortality and its risk factors one year after low trauma hip fracture. METHODS One hundred and(More)
OBJECTIVES Diabetic nephropathy is an important long-term complication of diabetes mellitus which appears to be partially mediated by an increase in secretion of transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β). Fibromodulin, the small leucine-rich proteoglycan, has been proposed to be the potent TGFβ1 modulator. In this study, the therapeutic effects of recombinant(More)
SUMMARY BACKGROUND Proposed cutoffs for waist circumference (WC) in western populations may be not appropriate for Asian populations. The published data among Iranians are insufficient to address this issue. This study was designed to identify cutoffs for WC that confer increased risk of metabolic syndrome in Iranian adults living in Zanjan, a province(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine the Toxoplasma antibodies in pregnant women in Zanjan, by ELISA method. METHODS Blood samples were taken from 500 pregnant women referred to the health centers of Zanjan City, North West Iran, IgM and IgG titers were primarily evaluated. The collected data were analyzed with SPSS 11.5 using Chi-Square(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of calcium and phosphorus on radiological and biochemical characteristics of osteopenia in premature infants. METHODS The randomised clinical trial study was conducted at Valie-e-Asr Hospital of Zanjan city, Iran, from December 2010 to June 2011. It involved monitoring 40 premature neonates over a period of six months.(More)