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BACKGROUND From the beginning of domestication, the transportation of domestic animals resulted in genetic and demographic processes that explain their present distribution and genetic structure. Thus studying the present genetic diversity helps to better understand the history of domestic species. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The genetic diversity of(More)
The current extensive use of the domestic goat (Capra hircus) is the result of its medium size and high adaptability as multiple breeds. The extent to which its genetic variability was influenced by early domestication practices is largely unknown. A common standard by which to analyze maternally-inherited variability of livestock species is through(More)
II Dedicated: To my parents and my family in Iran To my wife Maryam and my children Ahmad and BehzadIII Acknowledgements My last remaining task is to acknowledge all those people that have contributed to the work described in this thesis. This is an impossible task, given the many people that have helped to design, sampling, implement, apply, criticize,(More)
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