Saeid Montazeri Shahtouri

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—Many Information Centric Networking (ICN) proposals use a network of caches to bring the contents closer to the consumers, reduce the load on producers and decrease the unnecessary retransmission for ISPs. Nevertheless, the existing cache management scheme for the network of caches obtain poor performance. The main reason for performance degradation in a(More)
 Designed and implemented new class of cache replacement policy in memcached. Our new policy, CAP, simultaneously solves three caching problems i.e., contention, thrashing and pollution. In addition, CAP obtains the hit ratio pretty close to the state of the art policies.  Designed and implemented a new cache management policy called Selection policy(More)
Least Recently Used (LRU) is the most commonly used cache replacement policy; however, it suffers from two problems: i) cache thrashing, i.e., repeated references cause continuous page evictions due to a larger size of the working set than that of the cache, and ii) cache pollution, i.e., high reuse content gets evicted by items with low or no reuse from a(More)
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