Saeid Minaei

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In this study, edge detection and combination of color and shape analyses was utilized to segment images of red apples obtained under natural lighting. Thirty images were acquired from an orchard in order to find an apple in each image and to determine its location. Two algorithms (edge detection-based and color-shape based) were developed to process the(More)
In this paper, we propose a system for the automated harvest of Rosa Damascena by aid of computer vision techniques. Three dimensional positions of flowers are obtained by stereo vision technique. For harvesting flowers a four-DOF manipulator is used. Also, an end-effector is designed to harvest the flowers by cutting them. To analyze the stereoscopic(More)
Alternative methods for taste evaluation of fruits are of great interest to the food industry. This paper deals with the application of ANFIS-based image processing to characterize orange taste. For this purpose, images of 300 orange samples (Bam, Khooni and Thompson varieties) were acquired using a camera and the relevant features were extracted. The(More)
Effects of controlled atmosphere storage (CAS) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in comparison with conventional cold storage on qualitative properties of green-mature harvested tomato were evaluated. Qualitative properties included Total Soluble Solids (TSS) content, Titratable Acidity (TA) and Ripening Index (RI). Under CAS and MAP conditions, gas(More)
This paper reports the development of a computer vision system (CVS) for non-destructive characterization of honey based on colour and its correlated chemical attributes including ash content (AC), antioxidant activity (AA), and total phenolic content (TPC). Artificial neural network (ANN) models were applied to transform RGB values of images to CIE L*a*b*(More)
Qualitative grading of milled rice grains was carried out in this study using a machine vision system combined with some metaheuristic classification approaches. Images of four different classes of milled rice including Low-processed sound grains (LPS), Low-processed broken grains (LPB), High-processed sound grains (HPS), and High-processed broken grains(More)
Conventional pasteurization treatments often lead to substantial decrease in fruits juice quality. Due to these issues, the objective of this research was to compare the combined effect of a novel thermal (microwave) and non-thermal (ultrasonic) treatments with conventional thermal pasteurization on some qualitative characteristics of sour cherry juice(More)
Moisture content of soybean kernel at harvest time is too high for storage, and needs to be reduced. In this research, drying characteristics, quality and energy requirement for microwave-fluidized bed drying of soybean kernels were studied. The results showed that air temperature (80-140 °C), velocity (1.8-4.5 m/s) and microwave power (200-500 W)(More)