Saeid Kamal

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This work studies in detail the effect of femtosecond laser irradiation process parameters (fluence and scanning speed) on the hydrophobicity of the resulting micro/nano-patterned morphologies on stainless steel. Depending on the laser parameters, four distinctly different nano-patterns were produced, namely nano-rippled, parabolic-pillared, elongated(More)
A large fraction of submicron atmospheric aerosol particles contains both organic material and inorganic salts. As the relative humidity cycles in the atmosphere and the water content of the particles correspondingly changes, these mixed particles can undergo a range of phase transitions, possibly including liquid-liquid phase separation. If liquid-liquid(More)
There has long been a discrepancy between microwave conductivity measurements in high temperature superconductors and the conductivity spectrum expected in the simplest models for impurity scattering in a d-wave superconductor. Here we present a new type of broadband measurement of microwave surface resistance that finally shows some of the spectral(More)
We present microwave and infrared measurements on SmLa0.8Sr0.2CuO4-delta, which are direct evidence for the existence of a transverse optical plasma mode, observed as a peak in the c-axis optical conductivity. This mode appears as a consequence of the existence of two different intrinsic Josephson couplings between the CuO2 layers, one with a Sm2O2 block(More)
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