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In most cases authors are permitted to post their version of the article (e.g. in Word or Tex form) to their personal website or institutional repository. Authors requiring further information regarding Elsevier's archiving and manuscript policies are encouraged to visit: Keywords: Decimal digit sets Carry-free decimal addition Redundant number systems(More)
Hardware implementation of all the basic radix-10 arithmetic operations is evolving as a new trend in the design and implementation of general purpose digital processors. Redundant representation of partial products and remainders is common in the multiplication and division hardware algorithms, respectively. Carry-free implementation of the more frequent(More)
Signed digit (SD) number systems allow for high performance carry-free adders. Maximally redundant SD (MRSD) alternatives provide maximal encoding efficiency among Radix-2^h SD number systems, whereby value of h tunes the area-time trade-off. Straightforward implementation of the conventional carry-free addition algorithm requires three O(log h)(More)
Data shifting is required in many key computer operations from address decoding to computer arithmetic. Full barrel shifters are often on the critical path, which has led most research to be directed toward speed optimizations. With the advent of quantum computer and reversible logic, design and implementation of all devices in this logic has received more(More)
Keywords: Computer arithmetic Maximally redundant signed-digit number system Signed digit adder Weighted bit-set encoding Inverted encoding of negabits Logical techniques and design a b s t r a c t Signed digit (SD) number systems support digit-parallel carry-free addition, where the sum digits absorb the possible signed carries in {À1, 0, 1}. Radix-2 h(More)
The distributed computing attempts to improve performance in large-scale computing problems by resource sharing. Moreover, rising low-cost computing power coupled with advances in communications/networking and the advent of big data, now enables new distributed computing paradigms such as Cloud, Jungle and Fog computing. Cloud computing brings a number of(More)
—Due to the widespread use and inherent complexity of floating-point addition, much effort has been devoted to its speedup via algorithmic and circuit techniques. We propose a new redundant-digit representation for floating-point numbers that leads to computation speedup in two ways: 1) Reducing the per-operation latency when multiple floating-point(More)
The binary coded decimal (BCD) encoding has always dominated the decimal arithmetic algorithms and their hardware implementation. Due to importance of decimal arithmetic, the decimal format defined in IEEE 754 floating point standard has been revisited. It uses densely packed decimal (DPD) encoding to store significant part of a decimal floating point(More)