Saeedeh Motamed

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Fluorescent neuroanatomic techniques, such as immunofluorescence and retrograde and anterograde tracing studies, derive great utility from their specificity. However, the specificity can be a drawback as well, in that it may be difficult to assess labeled neurons or neural processes in their cytoarchitectonic context. We report the characteristics of a(More)
Today, despite the deep cultural changes and the changes in the way of life, many people have not the basic and required skills in dealing with life’ problems, and that’s why, they have been vulnerable in the face of their problems and requirements of life. Meanwhile, some programs has been designed for preventing and avoiding these problems, which one of(More)
No society can claim that it is a healthy one, while it does not have healthy families. Undoubtedly, none of the social damages are free from family influences. Today, behavioral disorders in children and the factors underlying in family and society has attracted the attention of many educational and psychological experts. Hence, in this article, it is(More)
Human face detection is one of the vital techniques in computer vision. It plays so important role in a wide variety of applications such as surveillance systems, video tracking applications and image database management. In this paper a new method to detect faces with different pose in colour images, is proposed. Skin colour, lip position, face shape(More)
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