Saeedeh Aliaskarisohi

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In a static magnetic field paramagnetic and nonmagnetic colloids immersed in a ferrofluid self-assemble into fluctuating colloidal flowers. Adsorption and desorption of nonmagnetic petals to larger paramagnetic cores and changes in the petal conformation around the paramagnetic core induce a fluctuating dynamics. We track the motion of colloidal petals on(More)
Kinneyia is the commonly used term to describe a class of trace fossil that is strongly associated with microbial mats. The appearance of Kinneyia (or wrinkle structures) in the fossil record has recently led to a number of possible mechanisms being proposed to explain its formation. Here, we outline, and critically compare, three of these models, involving(More)
The transport behavior of paramagnetic particles on top of a ferrimagnetic garnet film is investigated in a modulated external magnetic field. Broken symmetries are required to direct the transport of the particles. We provide such symmetry breaking by tilting the external field modulation with respect to the normal direction of the garnet film and by the(More)
Monolayers of nanosized carboxylate-functionalized polystyrene particles at the air/water interface assemble into two coexisting liquid phases of different densities. The rheological properties of the individual phases and of the resulting nanoparticle texture is measured using a magnetic needle microrheometer. We show that, despite the liquid behavior of(More)
In a previous work, Muruganathan and Fischer observed laser-induced local collapse of a methyl stearate monolayer. These experiments opened the possibility of studying the collapse mechanism in a highly controlled manner, since the laser intensity can be easily varied and collapse happens in a definite place (the laser focus). In this paper we extended the(More)
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