Saeeda Iqbal

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The effect of Trimetazidine (TMZ) as a potential neuroprotectant against stroke was studied in the gerbil model of transient forebrain global ischemia. Animals were subjected to a 5-min period of ischemia and assessed 4 and 21 days later. Gerbils were divided into two groups: in group one, gerbils were treated with TMZ at a dose of 25 mg/kg given by(More)
The neuroprotective effect of tiagabine was investigated in global ischemia in gerbils. Two groups of the animals received 15 mg/kg of tiagabine 30 min before ischemia. In the first group, the temperature was controlled at 37 degrees C from time of injection to 1 h after ischemia. In the second group, the temperature was left uncontrolled to see the(More)
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