Saeed Zeinoaldini

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The brain might initiate puberty in response to adequate leptin signaling from the periphery. We studied the link between whole body fat, plasma leptin levels, and puberty onset, in both controls and food-restricted female Wistar rats from age 22 to 42 days. Body fat correlated positively with the prevailing plasma leptin levels (r = 0.776) and with the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Central but also peripheral IGF-1 is suggested to play a role in the initiation of puberty as it directly affects GnRH synthesis and release. A possible intermediate in the effects of IGF-1 on puberty might be the adiposity-signaling hormone leptin, whose plasma levels are decreased in food-restricted (FR) rats. METHODS IGF-1 was(More)
Does leptin play a vital role in initiating puberty in female rats and can it overrule a nutrionally imposed (i.e. a 30% feed restriction, FR) delay in puberty onset? Prepubertal female rats were chronically infused for 14 days with leptin (icv or sc) or leptin-antiserum (icv) while puberty onset was monitored by means of scoring the moment of vaginal(More)
Growth hormone (GH) levels increase during puberty though its role in puberty onset is still unclear. An interaction is suggested between GH and leptin, as triggering factor of puberty. To evaluate the role of GH on the timing of puberty and its relation with leptin, we centrally administered recombinant human GH (rhGH; 1 microg/day) to normally fed or(More)
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