Saeed Yahyanejad

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Camera shake during photography is a common problem which causes images to get blurred. Here we choose a specific problem in which the image is a barcode and the motion can be modeled as a convolution. We design a blind deconvolution algorithm to remove the translatory motion from a blurred barcode image. Based on the bimodal characteristics of barcode(More)
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been recently deployed in various civilian applications such as environmental monitoring, aerial imaging or surveillance. Small-scale UAVs are of special interest for first responders since they can rather easily provide bird's eye view images of disaster areas. In this paper we present a hybrid approach to mo-saick an(More)
This paper proposes and evaluates a modular architecture of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system for search and rescue missions. Multiple multicopters are coordinated using a distributed control system. The system is implemented in the Robot Operating System (ROS) and is capable of providing a real-time video stream from a UAV to one or more(More)
—In this paper we survey thoroughly the problem of orthorectified and incremental image mosaicking of a sequence of aerial images taken from low-altitude micro aerial vehicles. Most of existing approaches have been exploiting the global optimization (in presence of a loop in the image sequences) to distribute and/or metadata to mitigate the accumulating(More)
—Lens distortion as a result of the shape and construction of a photographic lens is a common problem in image acquisition. Thermal cameras are no exception to this artifact. So far many methods have been developed to formulate the distortion model and almost all of them exploit the patterns in visible range to calibrate the lenses in RGB cameras. A(More)
I hereby confirm on my honor that I personally prepared the present academic work and carried out myself the activities directly involved with it. I also confirm that I have used no resources other than those declared. All formulations and concepts adopted literally or in their essential content from printed, unprinted or Internet sources have been cited(More)
Human attention processes play a major role for optimization in human-robot interaction (HRI). This work describes a novel methodology to measure situation awareness in real-time from gaze interaction with scene objects of interest using eye tracking glasses and 3D gaze analysis. A probabilistic framework of uncertainty considers coping with measurement(More)
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