Saeed Ur Rehman

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RF fingerprinting is a technique, where a transmitter is identified from its electromagnetic emission. Most existing RF fingerprinting techniques require high sampling rates. This paper introduces a novel technique, which is effective at low sampling rates. This make RF fingerprinting more practical for resource constrained devices such as mobile(More)
rticle history: eceived 30 November 2012 eceived in revised form 30 April 2013 ccepted 14 June 2013 vailable online xxxx eywords: adio fingerprinting mpersonation attack hysical layer security ardware security Recently, physical layer security commonly known as Radio Frequency (RF) fingerprinting has been proposed to provide an additional layer of security(More)
This paper uses data from Pakistan's Punjab to examine monopoly power in the market for groundwater--irrigation water extracted using private tubewells--a market characterized by barriers to entry and spatial fragmentation. Our analysis of individual groundwater transactions over an 18 month period shows that tubewell owners price discriminate in favor of(More)
Optimization based pattern discovery has emerged as an important field in knowledge discovery and data mining (KDD), and has been used to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of clustering, classification, association rules and outlier detection. Cluster analysis, which identifies groups of similar data items in large datasets, is one of its recent(More)
In conventional wireless networks, security issues are primarily considered above the physical layer and are usually based on bit-level algorithms to establish the identity of a legitimate wireless device. Physical layer security is a new paradigm in which features extracted from an analog signal can be used to establish the unique identity of a(More)
This paper investigates the chaotic behavior and synchronization of two different coupled chaotic FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) neurons with unknown parameters under external electrical stimulation (EES). The coupled FHN neurons of different parameters admit unidirectional and bidirectional gap junctions in the medium between them. Dynamical properties, such as the(More)
RF fingerprinting aims to develop a unique RF fingerprint for a wireless device that can be used as an identity, in the same way a biological fingerprint operates, to improve the security and privacy of wireless communication. This is in contrast to the traditional bit-level algorithmic approaches to securing transmissions. In this work, we present a(More)