Saeed-Ul Hassan

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This paper presents a bibliometric study of the world’s research activity in Sustainable Development using scientific literature. The study was conducted using data from the Scopus database over the time period of 2000–2010. We investigated the research landscape in Sustainable Development at country level and at institute level. Sustainable Development and(More)
This paper focuses on measuring the academic research performance of Chinese universities by using Scopus database from 2007 to 2010. We have provided meaningful indicators to measure the research performance of Chinese universities as compared to world class universities of the US and the European region. Using these indicators, we first measure the(More)
This case study analyzes scientific research landscape of the Islamic World in order to access the research productivity, scholarly impact and international collaborations across all Science and Technology (S&T) areas over the time period of 2000–2011, using the Scopus database. While Turkey is clearly leading among the Islamic countries, Iran takes 2nd(More)
Two relevant recent developments in the area of science and technology (S&T) and related policy-making motivate this article: first, bibliometric data on a specific research area’s performance becomes an increasingly relevant source for S&T policy-making and evaluation. This trend is embedded in wider discussions on evidence-based policy-making. Secondly,(More)
We introduce a new quantitative measure of international scholarly impact of countries by using bibliometric techniques based on publication and citation data. We present a case study to illustrate the use of our proposed measure in the subject area Energy during 1996–2009. We also present geographical maps to visualize knowledge flows among countries.(More)
In many databases, science bibliography database for example, name attribute is the most commonly chosen identifier to identify entities. However, names are often ambiguous and not always unique which cause problems in many fields. Name disambiguation is a non-trivial task in data management that aims to properly distinguish different entities which share(More)
Based on the network comprised of 111,444 keywords of library and information science that are extracted from Scopus, and taken into consideration the major properties of average distance and clustering coefficients, the present authors, with the knowledge of complex network and by means of calculation, reveal the small-world effect of the keywords network.(More)
We measure the impact of “altmetrics” field by deploying altmetrics indicators using the data from Google Scholar, Twitter, Mendeley, Facebook, Googleplus, CiteULike, Blogs and Wiki during 20102014. To capture the social impact of scientific publications, we propose an index called alt-index, analogues to h-index. Across the deployed indices, our results(More)