Saeed Sharifian

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In this paper, we show that performance of the virtualized cluster servers could be improved through intelligent decision over migration time of Virtual Machines across heterogeneous physical nodes of a cluster server. The cluster serves a variety range of services from Web Service to File Service. Some of them are CPU-Intensive while others are(More)
By developing technology and speed of communications, providing security of networks becomes a significant topic in network interactions. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) play important role in providing general security in the networks. The major challenges with IDSs are detection rate and cost of misclassified samples. In this paper we introduce a novel(More)
This paper presents a novel algorithm for task assignment in mobile cloud computing environments in order to reduce offload duration time while balancing the cloudlets’ loads. The algorithm is proposed for a two-level mobile cloud architecture, including public cloud and cloudlets. The algorithm models each cloud and cloudlet as a queue to consider(More)
The growth of web-based applications in business and e-commerce is building up demands for high performance web servers for better throughputs and lower user-perceived latency. These demands are leading to a widespread substitution of powerful single servers by robust newcomers, cluster web servers, in many enterprise companies. In this respect the(More)
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is one of the most popular symmetric key encryption algorithms. S-box (Substitution block) is main block in AES. In contrast to many previous works which have employed only one of memory or non-memory based approaches to implement S-box, we propose efficient methods by combining these approaches. We perform area-delay(More)
Cloud computing elasticity helps the cloud providers to handle large amount of computation and storage demands in an efficient manner. Proactively provisioning cloud workload is essential in order to keep the cloud utilization and service-level agreement at an acceptable level. Problems such as new virtual machine start-up latency, energy minimization and(More)
Increasing demand for acquiring diverse range of services has led to the establishment of huge energy hungry cloud data centers all around the world. Cloud providers face with major concerns to reduce their energy consumption while ensuring high quality of service based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Consolidation is proposed as one of the most(More)