Saeed Shaikhzadeh Najar

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Conductive textile yarns were prepared by a continuous vapor polymerization method; the application of polypyrrole by the continuous vapor polymerisation method used is designed for the easy adaptation into industrial procedures. The resultant conductive yarns were examined by longitudinal and cross-sectional views, clearly showing the varying level of(More)
Specific internal pore architectures are required to provide the needed biological and biophysical functions for fibrous scaffolds as these architectures are critical to cell infiltration and in-grows performance. However, the key challenging on evaluating 3D pore structure of fibrous scaffolds for better understanding the capability of different structures(More)
BACKGROUND The major goal of investigating plantar pressure in patients with pain or those at risk for skin injury is to reduce pressure under prominent metatarsal heads, especially the first and second metatarsals. In research, the insole is used to reduce plantar pressure by increasing the contact area in the midfoot region, which, in turn, induces an(More)
Electrospinning process can fabricate nanomaterials with unique nanostructures for potential biomedical and environmental applications. However, the prediction and, consequently, the control of the porous structure of these materials has been impractical due to the complexity of the electrospinning process. In this research, a theoretical model for(More)
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