Saeed Saremi

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The study of natural images and how our brain processes them has been an area of intense research in neuroscience, psychology, and computer science. We introduced a unique approach to studying natural images by decomposing images into a hierarchy of layers at different logarithmic intensity scales and mapping them to a quasi-2D magnet. The layers were in(More)
Data sets with high dimensionality such as natural images, speech, and text have been analyzed with methods from condensed matter physics. Here we compare recent approaches taken to relate the scale invariance of natural images to critical phenomena. We also examine the method of studying high-dimensional data through specific heat curves by applying the(More)
Natural images are scale invariant with structures at all length scales.We formulated a geometric view of scale invariance in natural images using percolation theory, which describes the behavior of connected clusters on graphs.We map images to the percolation model by defining clusters on a binary representation for images. We show that critical(More)
The analysis of natural images with independent component analysis (ICA) yields localized bandpass Gabor-type filters similar to receptive fields of simple cells in visual cortex. We applied ICA on a subset of patches called position-centered patches, selected for forming a translation-invariant representation of small patches. The resulting filters were(More)
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