Saeed Saremi

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The study of natural images and how our brain processes them has been an area of intense research in neuroscience, psychology, and computer science. We introduced a unique approach to studying natural images by decomposing images into a hierarchy of layers at different logarithmic intensity scales and mapping them to a quasi-2D magnet. The layers were in(More)
The analysis of natural images with independent component analysis (ICA) yields localized bandpass Gabor-type filters similar to receptive fields of simple cells in visual cortex. We applied ICA on a subset of patches called position-centered patches, selected for forming a translation-invariant representation of small patches. The resulting filters were(More)
Natural images are scale invariant with structures at all length scales.We formulated a geometric view of scale invariance in natural images using percolation theory, which describes the behavior of connected clusters on graphs.We map images to the percolation model by defining clusters on a binary representation for images. We show that critical(More)
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