Saeed Samadi

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This paper proposes the application of 3 different kinds of feature extractors to recognize & classify 5 models of vehicles. These feature extractors contain of fast Fourier transform, discrete wavelet transform & discrete curvelet transform. To justify the correct amount of each feature extractor, we perform per of the mentioned transforms to input(More)
This paper proposes the performance of a new algorithm for vehicles recognition system. This recognition system is based on extracted features on the performance of image's curvelet transform and achieving standard deviation of curvelet coefficients matrix in different scales and various orientations. The curvelet transform is a multiscale transform with(More)
This work presents some new optimization approaches to implementation of medium access control (MAC) layer of IEEE 802.11 wireless networking protocol using general purpose DSP and gate array systems. Optimization starts at design level. The hardware/software partitioning of the MAC's architecture is optimized in the sense of minimal implementation burden,(More)
Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran, like many other big cities, is faced with increasing traffic congestion owing to rapidly increasing population and annual pilgrimage. In recent years, Mashhad traffic and transportation authorities have been challenged with how to manage the increasing congestion with limited budgets for major roadway construction(More)
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