Saeed Mansour

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One of the key activities that are needed to construct a quality service-oriented solution is the identification of its architectural elements with the right granularity. The selection of an appropriate method for identification of services from business models of an enterprise is thus quite crucial to the success of any service-oriented solution for that(More)
Context: A key activity in the construction of any enterprise-wide service-oriented system is the identification of enterpriselevel services from business models based on required quality attributes. Conventional service-identification methods rely heavily on the experiences of architects to direct them in the identification of services and architectural(More)
With increasing concerns over environmental issues in End of Life vehicles, researches on life cycle management and reverse logistics are being expanded in automotive industry. Also, automotive producers have been involved in reverse logistics activities as a result of legislations for management of End of Life vehicles such as Directive 2000/EC/53. On the(More)
The efficient management of municipal solid waste is a major problem for large and populated cities. In many countries, the majority of municipal solid waste is landfilled or dumped owing to an inefficient waste management system. Therefore, an optimal and sustainable waste management strategy is needed. This study introduces a recycling and disposal(More)
Sustainable product service system (S-PSS) regarded as an evolution of existing product development approaches which incorporates services as well as products for achieving sustainable development. Therefore, several IT manufacturers around the world have developed plans for fulfilling consumer’s needs by providing a combination of product and services and(More)
Increasing importance of sustainable development has lead eco-efficiency to find a specific position in literature. Eco-efficiency means producing goods and delivering services by using lower energy and raw material which together result in lower amount of wastes, pollution and cost. Eco-efficiency considers two aspects: economical and environmental. The(More)
The environmental factors are receiving increasing attention in different life cycle stages of products. When a product reaches its End-Of-Life EOL stage, the management of its recovery process is affected by the environmental and also economical factors. Selecting efficient methods for the collection and recovery of EOL products has become an important(More)
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