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The ground-state magnetic phase diagram of a spin S = 1/2 two-leg ladder with alternating rung exchange J⊥(n) = J⊥[1 + (−1) nδ] is studied using the analytical and numerical approaches. In the limit where the rung exchange is dominant, we have mapped the model onto the effective quantum sineGordon model with topological term and identified two quantum phase(More)
We consider the spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain with alternating spin exchange in the presence of additional modulation of exchange on odd bonds with period 3. We study the ground state magnetic phase diagram of this hexamer spin chain in the limit of very strong antiferromagnetic (AF) exchange on odd bonds using the numerical Lanczos method and bosonization(More)
Using one-dimensional spin-1/2 systems as prototypes of quantum many-body systems, we study the emergence of quantum chaos. The main purpose of this work is to answer the following question: how the spin-orbit interaction, as a pure quantum interaction, may lead to the onset of quantum chaos? We consider the three integrable spin-1/2 systems: the Ising, the(More)
We have studied the ground-state phase diagram of a two-leg spin ladder with anisotropic ferromagnetic leg couplings under the influence of a symmetry-breaking transverse magnetic field by the exact diagonalization technique. In the case of antiferromagnetic coupling between legs we identified two phase transitions in the plane of magnetic field versus(More)
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  • 2007
The energy gap of the one-dimensional (1D) spin-[Formula: see text] AF (antiferromagnetic) XXZ model in a transverse magnetic field (h) is studied by using the exact diagonalization technique. We have computed the energy gap in the region of anisotropy parameter -1<Δ<1 and in the vicinity of the critical line Δ = -1. By introducing a practical finite-size(More)
The effects of a magnetic field (h) and a space modulation (δ) on the magnetic properties of a one-dimensional antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic Heisenberg spin-1/2 model have been studied by means of numerical exact diagonalization of finite size systems, the nonlinear σ model, and a bosonization approach. The space modulation is considered on the(More)
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