Saeed Khalesehosseini

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Dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) receiver based on modified Goertzel algorithm is developed. Performance of receiver is assessed under the ITU Q.24 standard specifications. The algorithm was tested with a variety of signals including speech, music, and DTMF tones. We found that this detector was efficient, reliable, and exceeded Bellcore standards
(CRLB) of an ultra-wideband (UWB) pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) signal with time hopping (TH) code is derived for the practical case where there is an initial unknown relative clock offset between the transmitter and receiver. However, it is assumed that there is a priori information about the probability density function of clock offset. CRLB expressions(More)
Autonomous sensors that transmit small packets of telemetry data based on UWB modulation are being considered for indoor short range applications. An issue is the detection of these packets at the access node receiver due to channel noise and multipath. Detection is further compromised by the likely clock offset of the sensor transmitter. In this paper the(More)
In this paper the degradation in the detectability of an isolated UWB data packet due to an unknown clock offset of the transmitter is quantified based on the uncertainty range of the clock frequency. Receiver operating curves (ROC) of the receiver packet detection performance are presented for the ideal detection as well as practical implementations of the(More)
The symbol error rate and the capacity of M-ary PPM UWB are evaluated with precise statistical analysis of the multi-user interference which avoids the Gaussian approximation. As shown there is a significant error in using the Gaussian approximation as it overestimates the capacity of the M-ary PPM modulation
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