Saeed Hajizadeh

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Change of attitude of organizations' managers toward human forces (as human capitals and resources) as well as technological advancement and accumulation of information in organizations reflects the necessity of valuing knowledge management. On the other hand, extraction of necessary, appropriate information and turning them into the knowledge required by(More)
—In this paper, we characterize an achievable rate region for the two-user discrete memoryless compound Multiple Access Channel (MAC) with common message and with generalized feedback (CMACC-GF). The achievable rate region that we provide is proved using a combination of rate splitting, Superposition Block Markov Encoding (SBME), and backward decoding. It(More)
—In this paper we study the " Z " channel with side information non-causally available at the encoders. We use the notion of Han-Kobayashi rate splitting along with Gelf'and-Pinsker random binning scheme and Chong-Motani-Garg-El Gamal (CMGE) jointly decoding to find the achievable rate region. We will see that our achievable rate region gives the achievable(More)
—The additive exponential noise channel with additive exponential interference (AENC-AEI) known non-causally at the transmitter is studied. This channel can be considered as an exponential version of the discrete memoryless channel with state known non-causally at the encoder considered by Gelfand and Pinsker. We make use of Gelf'and-Pinsker's classic(More)
Background. One of the treatment modalities for facial fractures is closed reduction technique, but treatment with intermaxillary fixation (IMF) interferes with normal nutrition, and malnutrition can affect the patient's recovery. Anthropometric measurements such as skinfold thickness and body mass index (BMI) are universal indexes for diagnosing(More)
— In this paper, we examine discrete memoryless Multiple Access Channels (MACs) with two-sided feedback in the presence of two correlated channel states that are correlated in the sense of Slepian-Wolf (SW). We find achievable rate region for this channel when the states are provided non-causally to the transmitters and show that our achievable rate region(More)
—In this paper, we characterize the capacity region for the two-user linear Gaussian compound Multiple Access Channel with common message (MACC) and with intersymbol interference (ISI) under an input power constraint. The region is obtained by converting the channel to its equivalent memoryless one by defining an n-block memoryless circular Gaussian(More)