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Adult female rabbits were given daily intramuscular injections of 0.5 microgram of oestradiol diproprionate for four weeks. Weekly drum-stick counts were made from their blood smears and percent incidences of drum-sticks in the neutrophils was recorded. A highly significant increase in the drum-stick counts compared to the control animals was noted after(More)
Countless researchers have put efforts to conduct researchs about the performance of the traditional transport control protocols (TCP) and user datagram protocol (UDP). Recently new transport protocol had been designed called Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). In this research, we will focus to study the effect of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) on(More)
The subaxillary fasciocutaneous flap is a new pedicled flap designed and developed by us for resurfacing defects on the dorsum of the hand, thumb, fingers and web-spaces. The lack of mobility and inability of the patient to dress properly during transfer of a groin or hypogastric flap prompted us to develop this flap which is based on the direct cutaneous(More)
The interactions of praseodymium(III) and neodymium(III) with nucleosides and nucleotides have been studied in different stoichiometry in water and water-DMF mixtures by employing absorption difference and comparative absorption spectrophotometry. The 4f-4f bands were analysed by linear curve analysis followed by gaussian curve analysis, and various(More)
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An unusual accessory fissure of the lung found in the upper lobe of a lung on left side, during a routine dissection is reported. It cut the posterior border of the lung about 5 cm below the apex and was 1 cm deep at its commencement. It coursed forwards and downwards, across the costal surface, in a curve with its convexity directed upwards. It fell short(More)
12 new heterocyclic compounds containing methoxy groups and/or amine side chain residues have been synthesized and 1 had some activity in an antiimplantation assay. The compounds included 7 4-(substituted aminomethyl)5,6,7-trimethoxy phthalid methiodides and 5 1-N-aminoacetylbenz[1,6]diazocin-5-ones. 50% anti-implantational activity was observed on a(More)
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