Saeed Ali Abu-Eshy

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To study the prevalence of gallstone disease and related risk factors in a Saudi Arabian population a cross-sectional community-based study was made of 291 people from Abha district, Asir region. A structured interview collected background data and all participants had upper abdominal ultrasonography to detect gallstones. The overall prevalence of gallstone(More)
Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid is now further subclassifiable into its different variants. We report incidence, clinical behaviour and outcome of rare variants of papillary thyroid cancers at Asir Central Hospital, Saudi Arabia. These variants differ from each other not only on a morphometric basis, but also in clinical behaviour. Accordingly, we report(More)
OBJECTIVE To calculate the frequency of acute abdomen in pregnancy due to non-obstetric causes in a Saudi population, to discuss the etiology of the high incidence, to discuss how pregnancy altered the symptomatology of acute abdomen and to evaluate the result of early surgical intervention and use of tocolytics on maternal and fetal health. DESIGN(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the rates of malignancy of thyroid nodules in each standard cytologic diagnostic category of the Bethesda system. METHODS In a retrospective cohort study from October 1998 to April 2007 at the Department of Pathology, Aseer Central Hospital, Southwestern region of Saudi Arabia, all cases of thyroid nodules that underwent(More)
We present here a case of cavernous hemangioma of the parotid which presented as an acute emergency with sudden pain, trismus and swelling. The patient subsequently developed a complete lower motor neuron facial palsy a few hours after a fine needle aspiration biopsy was performed. Total parotidectomy with preservation of the facial nerve relieved the(More)
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Among all the cases of hydatid disease seen in an 8-year period at Asir Central Hospital, Abha, Saudi Arabia, seven cases are reported here because of their unusual presentations. One patient had a brain hydatid cyst which presented as a space-occupying lesion. The second patient presented with symptoms and signs of cardiac tamponade due to pericardial(More)
OBJECTIVE Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a minimal access surgery, is fast replacing open cholecystectomy and is being associated with less trauma. The objective of this study was to compare the proinflammatory cytokine levels in both laparoscopic cholecystectomy and open cholecystectomy. METHODS This study was carried out at Aseer Central Hospital, Aseer(More)
OBJECTIVE A deficiency of iodine is characteristic of mountainous regions of the world, and the frequency of goitre in such areas has been recognized for centuries. The aim of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of goitre among schoolchildren in high and low altitude areas of Asir Region. METHODS The study was carried out upon 940 male(More)
OBJECTIVE To study (i) the current prevalence of iodine-deficiency disorders among schoolchildren in south-western Saudi Arabia after universal salt iodization and (ii) the iodine content of table salts and water. DESIGN Cross-sectional study on a stratified proportional allocation sample of children. Thyroid gland enlargement was assessed clinically and(More)