Saeed Afrasiabi Gorgani

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OFDM has been selected as the basic technology for most of the recent and emerging broadband wireless systems. It is under consideration also for co-existence scenarios where unused frequency slots between narrowband radio channels are aggregated for broadband data transmission purposes. In such scenarios, the limited spectral containment, i.e., the high(More)
It is well-known that sporadic traffic will be an increasing demand in the 5G market. Obviously, bulky synchronization procedure of the current 4G LTE cellular systems is not a viable option. Transmission of control signaling and payload “in one shot” in physical layer random access channel is an interesting direction. A major challenge is to(More)
The peak power problem in multicarrier waveforms is well-known and imposes substantial limitations on wireless communications. As the quest for investigation of enabling technologies for the next generation of wireless communication systems 5G is at its peak, the problem is re-emerging in a much broader range of technologies. However, despite numerous(More)
To tightly control the signal envelope, estimating the peak regrowth between FFT samples is an important subproblem in multicarrier communications. While the problem is well-investigated for trigonometric polynomials (i.e. OFDM), the impact of an aperiodic transmit filter is important too and typically neglected in the peak regrowth analysis. In this paper,(More)
The Filter Bank MultiCarrier (FBMC) modulation with Offset QAM (OQAM), also know as OFDMOQAM, has been very well studied in, roughly speaking, the last 15 years. A rich literature exists on the principle itself, discrete-time version and implementation, equalization, extension to MIMO, etc. This text, written in a tutorial style, explains the idea of Offset(More)
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