Saeed A. Qureshi

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A crescent spindle (patent pending) is described which may be used in place of the USP paddle component in USP dissolution apparatus 2. The new spindle is curve shaped, corresponding to the bottom of a dissolution vessel, with attached bristles to fill in the gap between the spindle and the surface of the vessel. The geometry of the new spindle provides(More)
Drug release characteristics of two amoxicillin capsule products, 250 and 500 mg strength each, have been described using USP Paddle and crescent-shaped spindles. Using the same spindles, dissolution experiments were conducted with USP disintegrating (prednisone) and non-disintegrating (salicylic acid) calibrator tablets. Dissolution tests were conducted at(More)
Considering a variable mixing/stirring and flow pattern in a drug dissolution vessel as a likely source of high variability in results, experiments were conducted using USP paddle apparatus by placing (aligned to the walls) a metal strip (1.7 mm thickx6.4 mm wide) in a dissolution vessel. The metal strip forces the undisintegrated tablet to settle about 3(More)
To evaluate variability in drug dissolution testing 28 laboratories analyzed USP calibrators, US FDA prednisone tablets and a marketed glibenclamide tablet product. The experiments were conducted using paddle and basket methods at 50 (calibrators) and 75 (glibenclamide) rpm. The media employed were deaerated by equilibrating at 37 degrees C for 24 h and by(More)
1. The concentrations of propranolol (PPL) and its metabolites were monitored by h.p.l.c. in serum of rats during the first 6 h after administering single doses (20 mg/kg) of PPL either orally or intravaginally ( 2. The results showed that PPL was quickly transferred to the systemic circulation from the rat vagina and the serum concentration profile(More)
Introduction Drug dissolution testing is an integral part of drug product development and quality assessment. Often drug dissolution testing is a regulatory requirement to establish the quality of a drug product [1-3]. In reality,drug dissolution testing is a solubility determination technique. It utilizes specialized equipment for that purpose,commonly(More)
Evaluating an IVIVC is a desirable feature for any drug dissolution test to establish relevance and confidence in assessing the quality and safety of solid oral dosage products, such as tablets and capsules. However, success in this area has been limited. One of the reasons for this lack of success may be that the approaches described in the literature to(More)
The nephrotoxicity of the anti-manic-depressive drug lithium (Li) is well recognized but the effects of fluctuation in plasma levels from different Li dosage regimens are not. Experiments were done to compare the nephrotoxicity of Li in rats treated either with subcutaneous multiple injections (SMI) or by infusion using mini-osmotic pumps (MOP) vs(More)