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Pilot study comparing changes in postural control after training using a video game balance board program and 2 standard activity-based balance intervention programs.
OBJECTIVE To compare the impacts of Tai Chi, a standard balance exercise program, and a video game balance board program on postural control and perceived falls risk. DESIGN Randomized controlledExpand
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Changing sagittal plane body position during single-leg landings influences the risk of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injury
PurposeTo examine the effects of different sagittal plane body positions during single-leg landings on biomechanics and muscle activation parameters associated with risk for anterior cruciateExpand
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Differential ability of selected postural-control measures in the prediction of chronic ankle instability status.
CONTEXT Chronic ankle instability (CAl) is a term used to identify a condition associated with recurrent ankle sprains and persistent symptoms. Balance deficits, evaluated using center-of-pressureExpand
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Effect of 3 Different Ankle Braces on Functional Performance and Ankle Range of Motion
The Seattle Ankle Orthosis (SAO) is a prophylactic ankle brace designed to restrict ankle motion, with straps extending from a cuff around the distal leg to the lateral aspect of the shoe midsole. ToExpand
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Increased In-Shoe Lateral Plantar Pressures with Chronic Ankle Instability
Background: Previous plantar pressure research found increased loads and slower loading response on the lateral aspect of the foot during gait with chronic ankle instability compared to healthyExpand
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Does the use of orthoses improve self-reported pain and function measures in patients with plantar fasciitis? A meta-analysis.
OBJECTIVES To perform a meta-analysis examining the effects of foot orthoses on self-reported pain and function in patients with plantar fasciitis. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE, SPORTDiscus, and CINAHLExpand
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Proprioceptive Training and Outcomes of Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
OBJECTIVE To describe the effects of proprioceptive training on pain, stiffness, function, and functional test outcomes among patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA). DATA SOURCES All studiesExpand
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Injuries among Korean Female Professional Golfers: A Prospective Study.
This study aims to analyze the incidence, location, type, and mechanisms of injuries and possible injury risk factors among all levels of Korean female professional golfers. This was a prospectiveExpand
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Rearfoot eversion has indirect effects on plantar fascia tension by changing the amount of arch collapse.
BACKGROUND Rearfoot eversion motion and arch height are believed to contribute to increased tension on the plantar fascia and arch collapse during gait but the specifics of these relationships areExpand
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