Sadullah Keleş

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PURPOSE We compared the anti-inflammatory effects of bosentan and dexamethasone in endotoxin-induced uveitis (EIU). METHODS Endotoxin-induced uveitis was induced by subcutaneous injection of lipopolysaccharide (LPS, 200 μg) in Wistar rats. Rats were divided randomly into 10 groups (n = 6). Bosentan at doses of 50 and 100 mg/kg were administered orally 1(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), the ganglion cell layer (GCL), and choroid thickness (CT) in patients who have migraines, with and without aura, using spectral optical coherence tomography (OCT). METHODS Forty-five patients who had migraines without aura (Group 1), 45 patients who(More)
BACKGROUND The aim f this study was to evaluate the effect of capsular tension ring implantation during cataract surgery on the incidence of neodymium: YAG (Nd: YAG) laser posterior capsulotomy in myopic (axial length [AL] ≥25.00 mm) eyes. MATERIAL/METHODS In this retrospective study, the records of the cases of 117 myopic patients who underwent cataract(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate central corneal thickness in patients with atopic keratoconjunctivitis. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study was conducted in the Atatürk University School of Medicine between April 2011 and June 2013. The study group included 60 eyes of 30 patients with atopic keratoconjunctivitis. Sixty eyes of 30 healthy(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the efficacy of α-lipoic acid (ALA) in reducing scarring after trabeculectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighteen adult New Zealand white rabbits underwent trabeculectomy. During trabeculectomy, thin sponges were placed between the sclera and Tenon's capsule for 3 minutes, saline solution, mitomycin-C (MMC) and ALA was applied to the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the toxic effects of mercury on retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (RNFLT), macular thickness (MT), and choroidal thickness (CT) by using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) in battery industry workers who had been chronically exposed to mercury. MATERIAL/METHODS Battery factory workers(More)
Purpose. To evaluate the analgesic efficacy of 0.5% propacaine hydrochloride as topical anesthesia during phacoemulsification surgery. Methods. Intraoperative pain intensity was assessed using a 5-category verbal rating scale during each of three surgical stages. Pain scores from each surgical stage and total pain scores were compared for the factors of(More)
BACKGROUND Photophobia is defined as a painful psychosomatic discomfort triggered by intense light flow through the pupils to the brain, but the exact mechanism through which photophobia is induced by subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is not well understood. In this study, we aimed to investigate whether there was any relationship between the mydriasis induced(More)
AIm: To investigate the relationship between neuron density of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglia and pupil diameter in subarachnoid hemorrhage. mATERIAl and mEThODS: This study was conducted on 22 rabbits; 5 for the baseline control group, 5 for the SHAM group and 12 for the study group. Pupil diameters were measured via sunlight and ocular(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to describe the type and severity of paintball-related ocular trauma and to determine the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of ocular injury regardless of whether adequate eye protection was used. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective chart review identified patients treated for paintball-related ocular trauma(More)