Sadoullah Ebrahimnejad

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In this paper a model for evaluating risk for a group of activities that simultaneous are progressing in PERT networks is proposed. We would like to present a new definition of general risk index for project in each time and connect it to the notation of its activity criticalities. The uniformly directed cuts are used to obtaining possible state for each(More)
This paper considers a single-sourcing network design problem for a three-level supply chain. For the first time, a novel mathematical model is presented considering risk-pooling, the inventory existence at distribution centers (DCs) under demand uncertainty, the existence of several alternatives to transport the product between facilities, and routing of(More)
This study concerns the problem of finding shortest paths from one node to all other nodes in networks for which arc costs can vary with time, each arc has a transit time and parking with a corresponding time-varying cost is allowed at the nodes. it show that this problem is equivalent to a classical shortest path problem in a timeexpanded network. The(More)