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Providing efficient and easy-to-use graphical tools to users is a promising challenge of data mining (DM). These tools must be able to generate explicit knowledge and to restitute it. Visualization techniques have shown to be an efficient solution to achieve such goal. Even though considered as a key step in the mining process, the visual-ization step of(More)
Galois connection in crisp binary relations has proved to be useful for several applications in computer science. Unfortunately, data is not always presented as a crisp binary relation but may be composed of fuzzy values, thus forming a fuzzy binary relation. This paper aims at defining the notion of fuzzy galois connection corresponding to a fuzzy binary(More)
The interest in a further pruning of the set of frequent patterns that can be drawn from real-life datasets is growing up. In fact, it is a quite survival reflex towards providing a manageably-sized and reliable knowledge. This fact is witnessed by the proliferation of what is called concise representation of frequent patterns. In this paper, we propose an(More)
As a side effect of the digitalization of unprecedented amount of data, traditional retrieval tools proved to be unable to extract hidden and valuable knowledge. Data Mining, with a clear promise to provide adequate tools and/or techniques to do so, is the discovery of hidden information that can be retrieved from datasets. In this paper, we present a(More)