Sadjad Noorshafiee

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INTRODUCTION Pilonidal disease is a common chronic disorder, mostly affecting young adult males. Different hypotheses have been introduced for this disease, but acquired pathogenesis is the most acceptable one. Furthermore, different types of intervention are performed based on its pathogenesis. The aim of this study was to compare excision with primary(More)
PURPOSE Pulmonary hydatid cyst, a parasitic disease, is a health care problem in developing countries. In this study, we evaluated outcomes of patients with pulmonary hydatid disease who were treated in our department. METHODS Patients admitted with a pulmonary hydatid cyst from 1981 to 2008 were enrolled in this study. Their demographic data, the sites(More)
BACKGROUND Nasojejunal tube (NJT) decompression is routinely used for intestinal drainage after total gastrectomy. It is supposed that it would protect anastomosis, but since the stomach should be completely removed, today its efficacy is under question. On the other hand, the tube leads to the discomfort of patients and aspiration disorders or(More)
Resection is the most common treatment choice for sigmoid volvulus, a common complication in our region. A new minimally invasive technique for sigmoid resection with local anesthesia was done in this study. This method is invented to avoid general on regional anesthesia in high-risk patients. Nineteen patients were evaluated and then 14 were enrolled in(More)
Primary neurogenic tumors of trachea are extremely uncommon and account for only about 9% of all neoplasms of trachea. Tracheal schwannoma is among the rarest of them and there is no unanimity of opinion regarding its treatment. We report a 30 year-old woman with symptoms of airway obstruction due to primary tracheal schwannoma. She was suffering from cough(More)
BACKGROUND Achalasia is a primary esophageal motor disorder involving the body of the esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter. The mechanism is destruction of the myenteric plexus after a viral infection. Multiple methods of treatment with variable results induced in achalasia. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed 70 patients with achalasia that underwent(More)
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