Sadiq Ali

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State-of-the-art texture descriptors typically operate on grey scale images while ignoring color information. A common way to obtain a joint color-texture representation is to combine the two visual cues at the pixel level. However, such an approach provides sub-optimal results for texture categorisation task. In this paper we investigate how to optimally(More)
As a substantial generalization of the technique for constructing canon-ical and the related nonlinear and q-deformed coherent states, we present here a method for constructing vector coherent states in the same spirit. These vector coherent states may have a finite or an infinite number of components. As examples we first apply the technique to construct(More)
We demonstrate how large classes of discrete and continuous statistical distributions can be incorporated into coherent states, using the concept of a reproducing kernel Hilbert space. Each family of coherent states is shown to contain, in a sort of duality, which resembles an analogous duality in Bayesian statistics, a discrete probability distribution and(More)
In this paper, we consider a system of cognitive radios that collaborate with each other with the aim of detecting the random waveforms being emitted from licensed users. We study the problem of fusing the statistics from collaborating sensors, assuming that they send their statistics to a base station, where the final decision is made. The main(More)
In collaborative spectrum sensing, spatial correlation in the measurements obtained by sensors can be exploited by adopting Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test (GLRT). In this process the GLRT provides a test statistics that is normally based on the sample covariance matrix of the received signal samples. Unfortunately, problems arise when the dimensions of(More)
Following a general procedure developed previously [Ann. Henri Poincaré 1, 685 (2000)], here we construct Wigner functions on a phase space related to the similitude group in two dimensions. Since the group space in this case is topologically homeomorphic to the phase space in question, the Wigner functions so constructed may also be considered as being(More)
On the basis of the use of the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) and model order selection techniques, an improved event detector is proposed herein by incorporating the spatial correlation existing in measurements coming from neighboring wireless sensors. Such a spatial dependence is proposed to be extracted through the use of the so-called(More)