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The threat that insiders pose to businesses, institutions and governmental organisations continues to be of serious concern. Recent industry surveys and academic literature provide unequivocal evidence to support the significance of this threat and its prevalence. Despite this, however, there is still no unifying framework to fully characterise insider(More)
Usability is arguably one of the most significant social topics and issues within the field of cybersecurity today. Supported by the need for confidentiality, integrity, availability and other concerns, security features have become standard components of the digital environment which pervade our lives requiring use by novices and experts alike. As security(More)
This paper proposes a conceptual model for privacy policies that takes into account privacy requirements arising from different stakeholders, with legal, business and technical backgrounds. Current approaches to privacy management are either high-level, enforcing privacy of personal data using legal compliance, risk and impact assessments, or low-level,(More)
The Cloud is a relatively new concept and so it is unsurprising that the information assurance, data protection, network security and privacy concerns have yet to be fully addressed. This paper seeks to begin the process of designing data protection controls into clouds from the outset so as to avoid the costs associated with bolting on security as an(More)
The pervasive computing paradigm foresees communicating and computational devices embedded in all parts of our environment, from our physical selves, to our homes, our offices, our streets and so forth. What will security mean in this New World of ubiquitous computing? In this position paper we outline our current thinking on the new issues and problems in(More)
The amount of trust we, as human-beings, place in each other or an object (e.g., online information) is typically guided by several trust factors and antecedents. These factors can vary in importance depending on the individual making the trust decision and also on the situation - such is actually the subjective nature of trust. In this paper, we explore(More)
The greatest asset that any organisation has are its people, but they may also be the greatest threat. Those who are within the organisation may have authorised access to vast amounts of sensitive company records that are essential for maintaining competitiveness and market position, and knowledge of information services and procedures that are crucial for(More)