Sadia Aziz

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In this paper we propose a Differentiated Services Based Admission Control and Routing Algorithm for IPv6 (ACMRA). The basic DiffServ architecture lacks an admission control mechanism, the injection of more QoS sensitive traffic into the network can cause congestion at the core of the network. Our Differentiated Services Based Admission Control and Routing(More)
In this study, the ethanol extract of Cissampelos pareira has been evaluated. The extract was tested for analgesic properties using both hot plate and acetic acid-induced writhing methods. Antiinflammatory effect was investigated using two different doses of 250 and 500 mg/kg body weight on Evans rats by carrageenan-induced paw edema test. The antipyretic(More)
With the growing need to distribute applications across multiple networks and the availability of high capacity, high-performance intermediate switching nodes and networks, an efficient routing mechanism has become the core requirement. This paper compares the performance of intra-domain routing protocols such as Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol (EIGRP)(More)
In this paper we propose a broadcast algorithm for Ad hoc Networks based on Cross-Layer design concept. It improves the broadcasting mechanism in the wireless Ad hoc networks. We modify Joint Distance Counter Threshold (JDCT) protocol to implement our algorithm called Adaptive Distance Counter Threshold Algorithm (ADCT). The algorithm runs in a distributed(More)
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