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The verrucae areae entorhinalis (VAE) are a characteristic feature of the human brain that occupy the anterior and posterolateral parts of the parahippocampal gyri and correspond to the islands of layer II neurons. We analyzed VAE in 60 neurologically normal subjects ranging from 23 to 85 years of age using a casting method. In 10 of these subjects the(More)
The development of neuron cells in vagal nerve nuclei in medulla oblongata was studied in vitro in live newborns and stillborns from different cases. Morphological changes were studied in respiratory nuclei of dorsal motor centre (DMNV) and nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) in medulla oblongata. The material from medulla oblongata was fixated in 10 micro(More)
OBJECTIVE In this work, role of hypoxia in respiratory system on live and exited newborns weight 250-3000g.) which have died due to different reasons is studied. METHODS Response of tracheal rings in acetylcholine and histamine in different molar concentrations (10(-4), 10(-3), 10(-2), 10(-1) mol/dm3) was monitored. Study of the tracheal smooth(More)
Actions of acetylcholine (ACh), histamines, serotonins (5-HT) and prostaglandins (PGF2-alfa) in concentrations of 10(-4), 10(-3), 10(-2) and 10(-1) mol/dm(3) were analyzed in vitro conditions in isolated specimens of tracheas of 24 pigs, 7 guinea pigs, and dead persons for different reasons (8), in the presence and without presence of propranolol. Whilst,(More)
In this paper we present the flow research of the development of receptor bronchial system in the first month of extra-uterine life up to the sixth month of development, performed by tracking the reactions of isolated tracheal rings in acetylcholine (Ach), propranolol (P), histamine (Hist), and prostaglandin (PGF2-alfa) in concentrations of: 10-4, 10-3,(More)
Volume density of respiratory organs was studied in vitro in newborn babies at different age of gestation (abort, immature, premature and mature) using stereometric method. The total of 23 cases was subject to this study. The respiratory organs (trachea, lungs) were taken from autopsies of newborn babies exited from different causes. For this purpose the(More)
Morphological development of the bronchial respiratory system of the living newborns and dead newborns was studied. Tracheal smooth musculature was studied in 19 experimental preparations which were obtained from autopsy of newborns that died from different causes. Based on the morphological research of the isolated preparation of human trachea the(More)
The role of meconium in the respiratory system was studied in newborns, who died from various causes (250 up to 3000 g of weight). We monitored tracheal rings response to dopamine, serotonin and ethanol in different concentrations (dopamine: 0,05 mg/ml, 0,5 mg/ml, 5 mg/ml; serotonin (5-HT): 10-4, 10-3, 10-2, 10-1 mol/dm3; ethanol: 0,02 ml, 0,5 ml, 1,0 ml;(More)
Morphological aspect of tracheal preparations and pulmonary tissue was studied in vitro. The material was obtained from autopsy of newborns that died from different causes. Examinations were made in different gestational periods (immature 23-29 weeks; premature 30-37 weeks; mature >38 weeks). Material for examination was obtained up to 6 hours after death.(More)
BACKGROUND In this work, effect of Tamsulosin hydrochloride as antagonist of alpha1A and alpha1B- adrenergic receptor and effect of Salbutamol as agonist of beta2- adrenergic receptor in patients with bronchial asthma and increased bronchial reactibility was studied. METHODS Parameters of the lung function are determined by Body plethysmography. Raw and(More)
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