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The aggregate capacity of wireless mesh networks can be improved significantly by equipping each node with multiple interfaces and by using multiple channels in order to reduce the effect of interference. Since the number of available channels is limited, it is desired to allocate and reallocate channels on-demand. In this paper, a Cluster Channel(More)
Future ultra high-speed mobile information and communication technologies will only be successful, if the running applications based on low cost mobile network infrastructure are well developed. In the research cluster of UMIC project under German Excellence Initiatives, we examine scenarios for developing countries and rural areas where the traditional(More)
The threat of possible malicious activities that can be executed by adversaries impedes the rapid deployment of wireless networks. Researchers and scientists have rendered various mechanisms in order to preclude or at least mitigate such activities. Many of these strategies necessitate or presume the presence of a trusted authority to actualize their(More)
Zygophylle or Zygophyllum gaetulum Emberger and. Maire is a Moroccan medicinal plant which has been used as an anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antispasmodic and antidiarrheic. The present study was carried out to study and compare the anti-inflammatory effect of ethanolic extract with aqueous extract of Z. gaetulum. Organic extract of Z. gaetulum was(More)
Parmi les plantes traditionnellement utilisées au Maroc pour réduire la nervosité et favoriser l’endormissement est fréquemment retrouvée la verveine odorante (Lippia citriodora H.B. et K./ V. Triphylla L’Her), connue en arabe sous le nom de louisa. Elle est utilisée traditionnellement en infusion surtout pour ses propriétés sédatives et myorelaxantes,(More)
Mobile wireless networks have fascinating characteristics of rapid deployment and network connectivity anywhere and anytime. Due to their very nature of being mobile, grievous security issues may arise, for which some homogeneous solutions have already been proposed. However, each node may have its own security requirements depending on the available(More)