Sadegh Nourossana

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Through this paper a solution based on the bee colony has been presented and evaluated for solving task scheduling problem. Precedence is taken in consideration for tasks and communication cost. A memory has been dedicated to each bee in order to speed up achieving the answer. Tasks scheduling in multi-processor systems are evaluated with some yardsticks(More)
Multi-join query optimization is an important technique for designing and implementing database management system. It is a crucial factor that affects the capability of database. This paper proposes a Bees algorithm that simulates the foraging behavior of honey bee swarm to solve Multi-join query optimization problem. The performance of the Bees algorithm(More)
The aim of this paper has been to introduce a novel market based algorithm for grid resource allocation and resolve some incompetence with current mechanisms. Grid resource allocation could be considered as a double auction in which grid resource manager acts as an auctioneer and jobs and resource owners act as buyers (resource consumers) and sellers. In(More)
With regard to the fact of the rapid growth of distributed systems and their large spectrum of usage of proposing and representing controlling solutions and optimization of task execution procedures is one of the most important issues. Task scheduling in distributed systems has determining role in improving efficiency in applications such as communication,(More)
1250006-1 Foraging behavior of bees in finding food resource is one of the useful patterns to develop algorithms for solving complex problems. This article by simulation of such behavior and consider a memory for them proposed a method in discrete spaces. The proposed method is applied to Travel Salesman Problem (TSP) and successfully solved it. Simulation(More)
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