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Male subjects were placed into one of three intoxication conditions (no ethanol, low dose, high dose) and were exposed to humorous segments from television programs. During manifest intoxication or the corresponding period in the no-intoxication control condition, they were exposed, in a balanced order, to a segment containing blunt (i.e., unsophisticated,(More)
It has been previously observed that optimization of the 1-call@k relevance objective (i.e., a set-based objective that is 1 if at least one document is relevant, otherwise 0) empirically correlates with diverse retrieval. In this paper, we proceed one step further and show theoretically that greedily optimizing expected 1-call@k w.r.t. a latent subtopic(More)
We investigate the application of a light-weight approach to result list clustering for the purposes of diversifying search results. We introduce a novel post-retrieval approach, which is independent of external information or even the full-text content of retrieved documents; only the retrieval score of a document is used. Our experiments show that this(More)
All enterprises require EA in order to use its benefits, but it is crucial for this project to be applied with formal stakeholderspsila satisfaction. A suitable framework for the enterprise requirements can be planned by the use of agile methods and its practices, in which we cannot only increase the percentage of prosperity but also we can return the asset(More)
Cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite (CLCuMB) replicates in tobacco, tomato and datura plants in the presence of the helper viruses tomato leaf curl virus-Australia, Iranian isolates of tomato yellow leaf curl virus, tomato leaf curl Karnataka virus, and beet severe curly top virus (BSCTV). Infectious recombinant CLCuMB constructs were made in which(More)
We describe Hugo -- a service initially available on iOS that solicits a structured, semantic query and returns entity-specific news articles. Retrieval is powered by a semantic annotation pipeline that includes named entity linking and automatic summarisation. Search and entity linking use an in-house knowledge base initialised with Wikipedia data and(More)
We present a study of which baseline to use when testing a new retrieval technique. In contrast to past work, we show that measuring a statistically significant improvement over a weak baseline is not a good predictor of whether a similar improvement will be measured on a strong baseline. Sometimes strong baselines are made worse when a new technique is(More)
Progressive use of Web based information retrieval systems such as general purpose search engines and dynamic nature of the Web make it necessary to continually maintain Web based information retrieval systems. Crawlers facilitate this process by following hyperlinks in Web pages to automatically download new and updated Web pages. Freshness (recency) is(More)
Due to software production dominance development among all structures and information exchange growth among systems, Utilizing a suitable method for correct connection among information systems is important and worth to consider. At first look, work dependence to technology was more than business because of production variety. As business processes have(More)