Sadegh Dorri Nogoorani

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Computational models of trust try to transfer the concept of trust from the real to the virtual world. While such models have been widely investigated in the past decade, the uncertainty involved in trust computation has been overlooked in the literature. In this paper, uncertainty of probabilistic trust models is quantified using confidence intervals and(More)
The infrastructure provided by a Grid enables researchers to collaboratively solve various research problems through sharing their resources and establishing virtual organizations (VOs). However, the distributed and dynamic nature of a Grid VO is a challenge for access control systems. All users in a VO have responsibilities which correspond to their(More)
An important security challenge in database outsourcing scenarios is the correctness verification of query results. The proposed approaches in the literature, impose high overhead on both the service provider and specially the clients. In this paper, we propose the Trust-Based Fake Tuples approach to audit the correctness of query results. In this approach,(More)
The ever-increasing use of trust and reputation models has posed new challenges in distributed environments. One of these challenges is the computation of trust while preserving privacy of feedback providers. This is because of the fact that some people may report a dishonest value due to social pressure or fear of the consequences. In this paper, we(More)
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