Saddek Bensalem

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We study property preserving transformations for reactive systems. The main idea is the use of simulationsparameterizedby Galois connections(;), relating the lattices of properties of two systems. We propose and study a notion of preservation of properties expressed by formulas of a logic, by a function mapping sets of states of a system S into sets of(More)
We present a compositional method for the verification of component-based systems described in a subset of the BIP language encompassing multi-party interaction without data transfer. The method is based on the use of two kinds of invariants. Component invariants which are over-approximations of components’ reachability sets. Interaction invariants which(More)
This paper presents a dynamic program analysis algorithm that can detect deadlock potentials in a multi-threaded program by examining a single execution trace, obtained by running an instrumented version of the program. The algorithm is interesting because it can identify deadlock potentials even though no deadlocks occur in the examined execution, and(More)
The Goal-Oriented Autonomous Controller (GOAC) is the envisaged result of a multi-institutional effort within the on-going Autonomous Controller R&D activity funded by ESA ESTEC. The objective of this effort is to design, build and test a viable on-board controller to demonstrate key concepts in fully autonomous operations for ESA missions. This three-layer(More)