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Simple chest X rays on film are the most common type of image in medical diagnosis. However, amongst the various types of medical X-ray images, they require the highest level of display quality due to the fact that the body structures they capture on film have varying degrees of permeability to X rays. Conventional high-definition digital display technology(More)
Digitizing high-quality microscopic images and developing input/output technology for displaying those results is critical to telepathology in which pathological microscopic images are transferred to remote locations where they are diagnosed by specialists. This paper will discuss the results achieved by directly digitizing (nonfilm process) pathological(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient and effective image generation system for "mixed reality traffic experiment space", an enhanced driving/traffic simulation system, which we have been developing for sustainable ITS project at the University of Tokyo. Conventional driving simulators represent their view by a set of polygon-based objects, which leads to(More)