Sadaoki Furui

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Although high-recognition accuracy can be obtained for speech in the form of reading a written text or similar by using state-ofthe art speech recognition technology, the accuracy is quite poor for freely spoken spontaneous speech. From this perspective, a new national project for raising the technological level of speech recognition and understanding has(More)
We present benchmark results of automatic speech recognition using the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese (CSJ), which has been developed in the five-year national project and will be the largest spontaneous speech databases. New test-sets are designed for both academic presentation speech and extemporaneous public speech, which are the two major categories in(More)
This paper presents techniques for speech-to-text and speech-to-speech automatic summarization based on speech unit extraction and concatenation. For the former case, a two-stage summarization method consisting of important sentence extraction and word-based sentence compaction is investigated. Sentence and word units which maximize the weighted sum of(More)
Research in automatic speech and speaker recognition has now spanned five decades. This paper surveys the major themes and advances made in the past fifty years of research so as to provide a technological perspective and an appreciation of the fundamental progress that has been accomplished in this important area of speech communication. Although many(More)